Does It Work?

Eggtastic Does it Work? Channel 12 KFVS


Do you like eating eggs for breakfast? Most people do, but many don’t have the time to mess with the frying pan and spatula as they’re trying to get the kids off to school and get to work.

A product called Eggtastic claims to make fast, fluffy and flavorful eggs right in your microwave, but does it work? We enlisted the help of Gary and Candi Goins to try it out. The Goins have dozens of chickens on their Cobden, Illinois farm and as a result – eat a lot of eggs.

“Every morning we have probably five or six before work,” said Gary Goins.

Eggtastic’s commercials claim the microwaveable ceramic pot makes scrambled eggs without the fuss. The commercial says all you have to do is crack, mix and microwave.

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