MaxiClimber Vertical Step Climber

Why you should buy the Maxiclimber?

Safe & Efficient Total Body Workout
Lightweight & Durable
Sports Bio-Technology Design Optimizes Work Out
Pre-assembled Upon Delivery

Burn twice the calories per workout. Go vertical with the Maxiclimber! Work your lower body, upper body and core! The Maxi Climber is a vertical climber that mimics the motions of rock climbing and helps to melt calories while strengthening and toning muscles.


How to order the MaxiClimber?

Get the best total body workout, by working your core, upper and lower body all at the same time. This is a serious piece of exercise equipment.

Try the Maxi Climber® System for only $19.95 (plus $29.95 S&H). If you are completely satisfied after 30 days keep the climber for 4 monthly payments of $49.95 (for a total of $249.70).

The easy-to-setup vertical climber is a complete body exercise that could assist you to form lean, attractive legs, rock-hard abdominals and also toned, as well as solid triceps and biceps. Using your personal bodyweight as resistance, Maxi Climber offers fantastic cardio as well as strength training workout without placing stress on the lower joints of your body.

When you’re not using it, Maxi Climber shops in any edge or closet, without occupying to much space.

Special Offer MaxiClimber

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