Trumpy Bear Ad – Yes It’s Real! Limited Edition Collectible Teddy Bear

Trumpy Bear Now You Can Own a Piece of History!

Trumpy Bear is a collectible that’s really taken off since President Trump has been in office. It is a teddy bear, with an American flag-themed blanket inside and of course, has its own iconic hair.

A Trumpy Bear storm is coming and you cannot defeat the storm. Here is the place to buy The great American Grizzly announcing the original Trumpy Bear. The teddy bear is equipped with a secret zipper and inside is an American flag-themed blanket. While holding Trumpy you can also wrap yourself in the red, white, and blue for comfort in warmth. Show your patriotism and proudly displayed it from beyond any American holiday God bless America and Trumpy Bear!

Trumpy the Bear went viral just like Trump when on social media. The bear is very real and is quickly gaining more and more customers. Get your collectible.

Trumpy bear loves to cruise. During the Trumpy Bear commercial, you will see him ride around with a former Marine and Trumpy bear has also been seen at a golf course! His trademark hair.

Trumpy Bear As Seen On TV, Trumpy Bear Commercial Seen On The Jimmy Kimmel Show