Hoover Smartwash – Automatic Carpet Cleaner That Washes and Dries

Hoover SmartWash – Hoover’s Best Cleaning Full Size

Oh, know! Another spill on your carpet! Cleaning carpets can be a real hassle.  Carpet cleaning has always been a huge hassle. But not anymore! You can easily do a deep down carpet clean on your own with the amazing Hoover SmartWash! It is just as easy as vacuuming!

Hoover’s Best Cleaning Rug Washer, Made Easy to Use! It Washes and Dries!

Eliminate the guesswork with Automatic Cleaning Technology that makes carpet cleaning as easy as vacuuming. Simply push forward to clean, pull back to dry. No multiple buttons. Forget solution measuring. No hassle. Just seriously simple & seriously powerful.

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Introducing Hoover’s most powerful, deepest cleaning full-size carpet cleaner. It really gets the job done by going beyond surface clean. It’s the first triggerless, lightweight, deep cleaning carpet washer that makes carpet cleaning just as easy as vacuuming! So how simple is it? Just push forward to wash! And then pull back to dry! It gets down into the carpet and lifting those old stains and the that come with it! So simple to use and you don’t need to press anything.

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  • AUTO CLEAN Motion sensing design eliminates the guesswork
  • AUTO MIX Precisely mixes & dispenses solution for optimal cleaning
  • AUTOMATIC DRY Powerful extraction for fast drying, plus HeatForce technology
  • Perfect for cleaning upholstery too!
  • Gets rid of tracked in dirt and stains
  • Get rid of odors and pet stains

No need to call in the professionals. to save money and time! Push Forward To Wash, Pull Back To Dry! Take The Guesswork Out of Cleaning Rugs With Hoover SmartWash! If you can push a vacuum you can clean your carpet

Buy One for 5 Month Payments of $39.99 + Free Shipping or 1 Easy Payment of $199.95 + Free Shipping

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